Sos Techies, My Smart Phone Has Changed The Keyboard...

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piggynose | 14:33 Sat 02nd Apr 2022 | Technology
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One minute i was using it for AB and whatspp, then out of the blue my smartphone changed things, i now have a very tiny keyboard to work with on my phone screen.


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Tap on the three dots at the top right of the keyboard.
Tap 'Keyboard size'.
Tap 'Reset'.
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i tapped on the 3 dots, but couldn´t see keyboard size.
Your keyboard is just another app, so that means that there are a vast number of different keyboards in use. Without knowing which one you're using, it's hard to know what you'll see when you go into the settings for it.

This video shows how to restore the keyboard to its default settings for both the native Samsung keyboard and the Google keyboard but there are hundreds of other keyboards that you might be using!
(Hint: To view the video in a YouTube page, so that it's bigger and easier to see than it is on here, click on it's TITLE at the top of the screen and NOT on the 'Play' button below):
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Hi Chris, i´m using a LG K10 (2017).
Try turning your phone into landscape mode and 'pinching outwards' from the centre of the screen.
Question Author
Chris, you´ve done it yet again!!!!!
My keyboard´s back to normal! phew
thanx a lot mate.
Thanks for the feedback ;-)
Keyboard problems can occur in several ways, and one of them is contamination. To protect my keyboard, I use a Silicone keyboard cover of this type . The material acts as a sound insulator that dampens various unwanted sounds that a MacBook can make. If you are afraid of others who might be annoyed by noise, or if you have to work in the wee hours of the night with a sleeping roommate, this might be a good reason to get one.

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Sos Techies, My Smart Phone Has Changed The Keyboard...

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