Firewalls & Firefox Settings?

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joko | 14:50 Mon 21st Mar 2022 | Technology
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ive been having some issues with firefox lately, seems its a site security issue & told me to check firefox was allowed in firewall settings

i checked & firefox was there but only the 'private' box was checked, not the 'public' box, so i checked that too.

it was only a few minutes ago and its ok so far, but is setting it to public - on my private home computer - ok?

will having it on public & private put me at risk?

should i uncheck it again?

thanks :)


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Possibly counter-intuitively, 'public' security settings are more secure than 'private' ones. That's because setting things to 'public' invokes settings for use in places like pubs and cafes with free wi-fi, where you have no control over the security (or lack of it) of the network that you'll be using. So the highest level of security is then invoked on your own device. A 'private' setting is used where, typically, you're in your own home and can have complete confidence in the security of your home wi-fi network. It's then not so important to have ultra-high security on your actual device.

So I can see no reason why using the 'public' setting should present any worries to you.
PS: While I stand by all that I've written above, I still can't see what it's got to do with problems with Firefox!

If you're having problems with Firefox, my recommendation is as follows:
1. Make a note the names of any extensions that you're using and you wish to keep. (Three lines > Add-ons and themes > Extensions);
2. Then go to . . .
Three lines > Help > More Troubleshooting Information
and click on 'Refresh Firefox' (top right).
That will set Firefox back to its 'fresh out of the box state' but still while retaining all of your bookmarks and most of your personal settings. However it will remove any extensions that you've got.
3. Reinstall any extensions that you want back and reset any personal preferences, such as your Home Page, which were lost during the reset.

Also be aware that some extensions can cause problems with Firefox. So it might be best to re-install any extensions you use one at a time, so that you can identify anything that's causing problems.

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Firewalls & Firefox Settings?

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