Samsung Galaxy 12

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tamaris | 10:55 Sat 12th Mar 2022 | Technology
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Going really slow. How do I fix in layman's terms. I've deleted history so far.


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If you have backed up all your photos, data and everything else I would do a factory reset so it will be exactly as it was when you bought it.
This can be time consuming as it will have to download the updates and you will have to set it up again, but well worth the effort in my opinion.
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Hi again Barry 1010. I have no idea how to do a backup. I'm having the same problem with my amazon tablet too, driving me nuts
This looks complicated but is really quite simple and will save you a lot of stress should you lose your phone
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But if I lose my phone, I won't have it
Have you closed all running apps? (Most apps carrying on running, and using resources, unless you actively close them, rather than just ceasing to use them).
[Press the three lines and then 'Close all']

Have you closed all unused browser tabs? (Unlike in a PC browser, where switching from one page to another automatically closes the first page, going to different websites in Android browsers leaves older ones open in hidden tabs, using a lot of resources).
[In Samsung Internet browser, press the rectangle with a number in it near to the bottom right of your screen. Then press the close 'X' button at the top right of each tab in turn. Google Chrome works in the same way, except that the rectangle with a number in it appears at the top right of your screen].
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Chris I have done this thank you.
Barry 1010, I'll see if it works as I don't want to go to factory settings if I can help it thank you .
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Update it is performing quicker after following Yr instructions chris.

Barry 1010 I have taken my amazon fire back to factory settings, much better.
Thank u both x

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Samsung Galaxy 12

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