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andy-hughes | 17:19 Fri 04th Mar 2022 | Technology
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I received an e-mail this morning, and it has literally vanished.

I have not deleted it.

Not in Spam, or Junk, done a full search, nothing.

Any ideas what might have happened to it?


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Are you accessing your email inbox by mobile or computer?
My friend has the facility - in her employer's IT system - to withdraw, scrub, delete an email after it has been sent, resulting in its non-existence. I don't know how this works, but it saved her from much embarrassment once when she sent an email to the wrong person!
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Raianbow - // Are you accessing your email inbox by mobile or computer? //

By computer.
There might be a tab on the top of the email web page screen called
Click this. You might have more than one inbox.

Also if you have more than one folder on the left of the screen for example where Junk is or other folders you have named.
Some email providrs will also let you search for and restore deleted emails. Outlook for instance. Open the "Deleted Items" folder and look if there is a "recover items deleted" option. Have a look in there perhaps. You get 30 days after the email was deleted to use the facility. Again I am talking Outlook. (Hotmail in old money)
Try closing the computer down and restarting. I’m not very technically minded but that sometimes works for me when emails ‘hide’.
If you use eg, GMX mail collector to access your emails from a different email provider there is an option to "delete email from source" when you read it via GMX. I use this option to delete any emails sent to my mailbox but not those sent to my talktalk mailbox. If you are using a mail collection service make sure the option to delete is not set.
Good thinking bhg. I rememer that very thing being an issue with my work email some time back.
O recently found several missing recent emails in an archive folder. I must have moved them there accidental
Mozilla has a habit of eating emails- you just have to ask the sender to resent

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Lost E-Mail

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