Help. System Crashing , Blue Screen Of Death

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Islander | 12:40 Mon 21st Feb 2022 | Technology
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I am not sure if this is a hard or softwear problem. I am running a 320 motherboard, with a 37000 x CPU and 5600XT GPU. I am running Windows 10. I am having to reboot it many times a day ( it even reboots it's self ! ) . I have been diligent in managing drivers and all up to date software.
Problem reports as either IRQL or AMPPT. And Wattman resets
Can anybody help ? !


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Overclocking? Have you tried turning off the fast start up if you are using it? Also if you have other overclocking programmes installed then Wattman will not operate with them there. Uninstall them.
>>> I have been diligent in managing drivers

That's possibly the cause of your problem! The best advice when it comes to updating drivers is probably "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!".

Run Driver Verifier to see if it finds any problems. The official Microsoft page about it is here
but this might be an easier read

If that doesn't help, check the integrity of your machine's memory with Memtest86+
Simple instructions here:

If that's no help, search for corrupt files using System File Checker:

If you're still getting nowhere, and you've created some Windows restore points in the past, run System Restore:

Beyond that though, you might need to consider resetting Windows:

This might also have some relevance:
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Thank you Togo for your answer and Chris, thank you for your vast supply of suggestions. He has actually done all of these things ,prior to me asking for help. He is now getting to the point of madness ! As am I . Thanks again.
Then uninstall Wattman. If that does no to it then you know the issue is either graphics or hard drive issues(probably) If it still persists then in is not Wattman at least. Myself? I would uninstall all overclocking programmes and set the processor to manufacturer specs.

P.S. Been there done that. I have a son that was WoW and Runescape mad as a teenager and it drove me nuts trying to keep up.
Question Author
Togo, madness now ensues, windows 11 ( installed earlier ) has now locked him out of his computer. I despair !
Haha this is like déjà vu. I have had a look around some of the "gamer" forums and this may be a last resort option without shelling out again(you will cos we do). I all else fails try this. I know you are OK technically with the advise or I would not post it.

Strewth. No recovery option?
When you say "locked out" do you mean stuck on lock screen or just not booting. "Never try to upgrade a machine that is not fit and well folks".
If it is a black screen with the buffering circle on and on and on. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds untilit switches off. Wait for 30,seconds and power up again. Hope to see the windows logo appear. If it is a blue screen saying W11 stuck on log in ... then have a read through this. (Although this mainly afflicts lap tops and surface pros that have been shut down during an upgrade) Off to bed now Islander, but will look in tomorrow early.
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Togo and Chris, thank you both for all of your help.During the silence, he has managed to frustrate himself, me, and probably the block we live in with his incessant ranting and mumbling, followed by yet another of the same. So: he now has a new motherboard. I have no idea what I am typing here by the way . At the moment, this very moment harmony ensues. We await for the next instalment of " God dammit why won't this ******** thing work ? " Thanks once again. Your help was appreciated. .
Tell him to keep away from overclocking and to turn 20 of the tabs off that he keeps open. Haha. I bet you didn't have to tell him to do it 3 times when it came to tidying the pc up.

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Help. System Crashing , Blue Screen Of Death

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