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jennyjoan | 16:41 Thu 27th Jan 2022 | Technology
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I was fiddling about with it last night and I have upset the "keyboard"/alphabet. When I type up on it it is coming up in a foreign language.

I know I need to go into settings but after that what should I look for?


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Don't know that make but Settings then scroll down to Keyboard
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cal thanks but as you say all makes are different - am studying it now - just typed something on Youtube - it looks like Greek
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ok - I footered about there and could symbols of a keyboard, GIF and other symbols, the keyboard symbol had been xed so clicked on to it and it seems fine now. Thanks Cal
You confused me with the iPad, JJ. Glad you're sorted but if you need to ask for help again you have an Android Alcatel tablet, not an iPad
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oh didn't know that - I thought Tablets and Ipads were the same thing - that's good to know
Well they are really - they are all tablets but iPads use a totally different operating system to Android and Fire tablets and only Apple make iPads.
Lots of different companies can make Android tablets; all Fire tablets are branded Amazon and have yet another operating system.
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ok thanks Barry - you know the lady who is showing me bits and bobs of the tablet is quite hesitant when showing me - and now I know - she has the Apple Ipad and I have mine.

So the two operate very differently.

What is your opinion on the both of them cos I think her Apple is easier to work with compared to mine. I have a lot of buttons to push to get to HOME page. But I'll get there.

How much would I have paid for my Android 10" - it was given to me free so I really won't complain.
Your tablet is under £100. An iPad is anything from around £350 to over £1000.
Some prefer Android tablets, others prefer iPads. I find both easy to use.
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Ah well not bad for nothing. I am enjoying it very much when I am downstairs but still I will never give up my PC and my very old keyboard which allows me to type at 72 words per minute.
If you had a Bluetooth keyboard you could pair it to your tablet. You can also buy tablets with detachable keyboards so they work like a 2 in 1 - tablet or laptop

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