Is There A Way To Stop Apps (Or A Single App) Being Updated On A Mobile Phone ?

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CW1 | 15:35 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Technology
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I've blocked updates on my Samsung A71 as there's 1 app I use regularly that I don't want to be updated. Is there a way to get the updates but have it ignore this one app ?


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Open Google Play Store.
Touch the hamburger icon in the top-left, and choose My apps & games
Once you're on the app page, select the three-dot icon in the top-right.
Uncheck Auto-update.
I've never found a way. All my apps are set to ask for permission to update but I regularly get some do so anyway. And many simply don't believe me: and one app creater got abusive when I asked why they were getting through. Makes for a total lack of trust with the whole thing.
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Yeah, was afraid of that Old_Geezer. I can see me having to send the phone back to Samsung (as it's still under warranty), & 1st thing they'll do (& their troubleshooter says to do) is make sure the software's up to date.

I tried chelle7272's suggestion, but I can't see any hamburger, just a very short list of apps to update individually. It's the phone software I want to update, not the apps.

I've copied the .apk file relating to this app to my PC. Could I download it back to the phone at some point if I have to update across the board & de install the updated app ?
Not unless it allows me to look at the page without consenting to being spied upon.
Sorry CW1 you are right the page has changed since I last did it

Open Play store, Tap on your initial in the circle in the top right.
Select manage apps and device
Select manage, (next to overview)
Scroll to the app you want and select the 3 dots in the top right
Uncheck enable auto update
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chelle7272, thanks. That worked up to the 3 dots. Don't have those, just a now long list of apps with check boxes next to them but nothing to say what ticking would do.
Says I have 2 updates available, one for a non important one that just says "Couldn't update", the other is the one I don't want updated.

Have checked the Software update, & was last installed on 25 March 2021 (!). *This* is what I want to run, not really anything to do with the Play Store. I'm not convinced ticking the app I want to keep will stop it being updated.

Going to try copying the .apk file I have on the PC to a 2nd Samsung, see what happens. If (big "if" I think !) that works, I might unblock the updates on my current phone if I've the .apk to fall back on ...
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Agreed, Old_Geezer. I always reject cookies, suspicious when they won't let you advance without accepting.
Did you have a look at the link I posted?
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I tried, THECORBYLOON, but won't let me read it without accepting cookies, something I just don't, as a rule, do with sites I don't know.
Hi CW1,

From that long list of apps with check boxes, tap the one you want to stop updates on, when that opens then go to the 3 dots
-- answer removed --
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beauty297055, I really need to run the software update, have got app updates blocked.
I did download this one app I want to "protect" on to another phone so have got it if it does update on the newer one, but now my dilemma is how long the update'll take as I need the phone 24/7 & won't be able to use it for the duration. At a push I could put the SIM in the old phone but it's sooo slow I'd rather not.

Anyone know how long the update might take ?

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Is There A Way To Stop Apps (Or A Single App) Being Updated On A Mobile Phone ?

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