Sony Experia Z 5 Compact, Locked Or Not?!

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Impret-Sir | 16:32 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | Technology
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I recently bought the above phone from Cash Converters, it was advertised as being unlocked. When I put my Virgin SIM card into it it asked for a 'network unlocking code'. Virgin tech support tell me his means that he phone is in fact locked. I looked for details of unlocking on line and discovered an set up screen on the phone where I located the 'SIM card IMSI' which had a '0' next to the 'Network' heading. The website said that this means that the phone can not be unlocked as "there are no turns left". Then I looked on the 'Configuration' page and under 'Remote lock state', it says 'Unlocked'. I am confused! Have Cash Converters sold me a pup? Is that website correct that this phone can not actually be unlocked? Any help, information, much appreciated!


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Your phone is hard locked and cannot be unlocked by a code. Take it back to the shop for a refund as it was sold as unlocked and clearly isn't
The remote lock state has nothing to do with the SIM card or network.
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Thank you Barry for your answers, can you please explain why the phone cant be unlocked now? How many times can it be done??!
Could be stolen or reported as lost.
This, from your phone's manufacturer, would appear to back up what Barry has said:

Cash Converters stores are franchises, so there might be a bit of variation in the standard of customer service from one branch to another, but most are quite good at sorting out problems.

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Sony Experia Z 5 Compact, Locked Or Not?!

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