Removing Data From Ipad

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dollymay | 17:56 Fri 14th Jan 2022 | Technology
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I have a two yr old ipad, virtually unused, which belonged to my late husband. I would like to give it to one of my grandchildren, as I have no use for it, as I have a new laptop and iphone.
But would prefer to wipe the data, (emails, photos etc) off it first, can I do this myself(i.e. is it simple!) or does it need to be done professionally? Advice please.


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Go to SETTINGS the GENERAL then RESET and choose the option you want.
Before resetting you should check that it is no longer logged in to Apple as your late husband (my condolences). In settings if it displays your husbands name or some such at the top then it is logged in, tap on the name and then scroll down to logout and follow the prompts, as you wish to wipe it say no if it asks if you want to keep any data on the machine and then proceed as per Tuvoks advice. This will mean that whoever you give it to can register it with Apple if wanted without it throwing up errors saying it is registered to someone else.
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Thanks so much to both of you, worked perfectly. Although quite simple really I would not have thought of selecting GENERAL in settings.

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Removing Data From Ipad

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