Noise Cancelling Headphones

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andy-hughes | 20:30 Thu 06th Jan 2022 | Technology
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I am going to buy a pair,but know nothing about them.

they are for listening to music and watching films on my laptop.

Any advice on types and good value very welcome, thank you.


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Oh...The 91% ones are Sony WH1000XM3
77% ones areJBL Live650BTNC
78% ones are AKG N60NC
I recently bought the Apple AirPods Max
They are over ear headphones
They are very expensive (£449 currently on Amazon) but I got them far cheaper from a site called Tech In The Basket
Yes it is a big outlay but they are solid and substantial and the sound quality is unsurpassed

Bose Quiet Comfort
An important question is what noise(s) are you hoping to cancel. They work well for constant noise such as engine noise on aircraft and trains etc. Less good on intermittent noise such as loud conversation (although over ear ones do cut that down simply by acting as ear muffs)
Some review sites that I trust:

From the publishers of both Computer Act!ve and PC Pro magazines, whose reviews I have total faith in. (They also publish What Hi*Fi magazine):

From the publishers of the rival publication, PC Mag, which is also a trustworthy source of information:

From TechRadar, which is another of my regular 'go to' sites when seeking out independent reviews:
I recently bought the Sony 1000xm4 over ear. They are incredibly detailed and spaced. The sound cancelling works so well I cant hear the Mrs nattering!
Seiously, I use them with my iphone and ipad for radio music and watching stuff on the pad.
Highly reccomended.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

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