Deleting Gmails From Only 1 Device But Not On Others.

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Dumbelle5 | 15:47 Tue 04th Jan 2022 | Technology
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I have Gmail accounts on 3 android devices - Desktop, mobile phone and tablet. I am getting a new tablet and as I am giving the tablet to a friend would like to "return to factory settings". How do I still keep the Gmails on the other 2 devices. I am petrified of losing all our emails as they are MoH as well as mine. Another query is to do with photos which were taken and are only on my current tablet but I still need to retain them. All answers will be appreciated.


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Photos first. (This is my preferred method but there are others you could use too):
Connect your tablet to your desktop PC using its USB charging lead. Your tablet should then appear as a new drive on your PC, just as if you'd plugged in a USB memory stick. (Note: With some tablets you might see an on-screen message, inviting you to use something like 'Data transfer mode'. If such a message appears, tap to accept). The tablet's drive will probably have several folders showing on it. Explore those to find where your photos are stored. (It might be in a folder labelled 'DCIM' or similar but there will only be a few folders to examine anyway). Then copy them to a suitable location on your hard drive (such as 'Pictures') in the usual way for handling files on Windows. [Instructions available on request but it's simply 'drag and drop' or 'copy & paste'].

Now Gmail:
Forget about deleting your email messages, per se. They're stored on a Google server, so deleting a message on one device will end up deleting it on any, and every, device trying to access that server. What you need to do is to remove your Google account from your old tablet. See here:
Once you've removed your Google account, the tablet will no longer automatically connect to that account. So it won't be able to access your Gmail messages (which is exactly what you want to achieve).
Buenchico has answered the photo issue.

Once you've copied the photos off, you should be able to just do a factory reset on the tablet. You won't lose your Gmails on the other two devices.

Instructions here:

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Deleting Gmails From Only 1 Device But Not On Others.

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