Ditching Desktop/Laptop For Tablet

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barry1010 | 13:46 Tue 04th Jan 2022 | Technology
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My desktop PC is likely to die this year and I am considering not replacing it, using the tablets I already have instead.
There are some things that I rely on the PC for, such as transferring ebooks from Calibre on my PC to my Kindle and Kobo by USB.
Also my PC connects to the internet by Ethernet which is usually faster and more stable than WiFi. I believe it is more secure, too.

Have you swapped your pc for a tablet? Anything you miss, any problems?


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No but I swapped it for a laptop several years ago. I`m a touch typer and can't bear prodding away on a screen with two fingers so I only use the tablet when I travel.
no, and i think you'd be brave to do it.
There are, however, ways of transferring stuff via a wire from tablets
I would answer exactly the same as 237, I can't stand any kind of text writing, especially long emails, on a tablet keypad. Also I know how to do it but copying and pasting is an absolute pain in the backside on a tablet. You can get plug in keyboards I believe. I use a laptop all the time at home and take a decent tablet away with me.
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I can connect my Bluetooth keyboard to my tablets for lengthy typing sessions
i suppose there's nothing to lose by trying barry - the worst that can happen is that you find you'd rather have a lap/desktop and then buy one
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Good thinking, bednobs. When the time comes I'll give it a go.
The money you save on not buying a new PC could go to getting a fibre broadband connection. Wifi from a router on a high broadband connection will be better than an ethernet connection from a poor broadband speed.

I believe the Kobo is really good at transcribing most eBook formats, better than the Kindle.
// but copying and pasting is an absolute pain in the backside on a tablet. //

I bought a tablet thinking it might be useful and now I rarely use my PC. I can sit on the sofa watching TV and if anything comes to mind I can pick up the tablet and Google or do my shopping. No desk and chair or dedicated space needed. The tablet is so much more convenient. I keep an old tablet in the bedroom for reading library books (Libby free library app).

I'm retired so I'm not using a tablet for work as that would be a different matter altogether.

The only things I use the PC for are occasional printing as it's by the printer, although it's all WiFi and for when I'm using Ancestry as researching the family tree is much easier on a big monitor.
I'm in southeast London on Virgin Media so my internet is fast and stable.
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Gromit, I already have a 200 Mbps fibre connection, I have WiFi throughout the house but prefer to do some things over an Ethernet connection.

My Kobo is far superior to my Kindle but I much preferred the long defunct Sony eReader.

Carrot, totally agree that the tablets are convenient but I’m not sure they are fit devices for every job.

I think I’ll turn my desktop off and see how long I can go without it.
When my tablet ground to a halt I bought a small touchscreen laptop. I use it for everything and can sit on the sofa or at a desk! I upgraded my iphone and use that for quick weather and news checks, googling, emailing. I wouldn't be without windows and outlook.

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Ditching Desktop/Laptop For Tablet

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