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andy-hughes | 21:22 Sun 02nd Jan 2022 | Technology
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I am using Firefox as my default browser.

For some reason, the tool bar that allows me to search 'images' has disappeared.

I have looked on the web, and can;t understand any of the advice they give, so can Chris or some other kind soul explain in simple English how to get it back please?

Many thanks.


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image search is an addon Andy, check it's still activated
As has been stated, Firefox doesn't natively have an image search facility built into it. You must have installed a relevant extension. Without knowing which extension you're using, and having experience of it myself, I'm finding it hard to give you specific advice. However . . .

1. Start by right-clicking at the top of your screen to see if there's an option to enable the relevant toolbar. If not . . .

2. Click the 'hamburger' (three lines, top right). Select 'Add-ons and themes'. (If 'Extensions' isn't already pre-selected in the left hand panel, click on it). Look to see if the extension you need is currently enabled. If it isn't, move the slider to enable it. If that doesn't help . . .

3. Note the name of the extension. Click the three dots next to it. Select 'Remove' (and confirm if necessary). Close Firefox. Restart your computer. Open Firefox. Return to the Extensions page. Search for the title of your extension and reinstall it.

That will hopefully sort your problem out. You need to note though that, as Firefox is periodically updated, some extensions will occasionally become blocked on security grounds and cease working. If that's the case, you might have to look for an alternative extension or, of course, simply use Google Images.
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OK, I now find that Firefox has actually removed its 'Image' link for security reasons, so I probably can't get it back.

Can anyone tell me how to access images so i can copy them for a PowerPoint I am making?

Thanks again.
To search for an image based upon a key word, simply use a Google Images search directly: [Bookmark it!]
(When you see the initial results, click on 'Tools' and then choose relevant filters, such as 'Size' or 'Type').

To carry out a reverse search, based upon an image that you've found on the web, right-click on that image and select 'Copy image link'. Go to Google Images (as above), click the camera icon, right-click in the search field, select 'Paste' and click on 'Search by image'.

To carry out a reverse search, based upon an image that's already on your hard drive, click on the camera icon (as above) then on 'Upload an image'. Navigate to the location of your image file and double-click on it.
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Thanks Chris, as always.

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