Wifi Calling On Samsung J3 2017

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Llonaid | 15:03 Sat 25th Dec 2021 | Technology
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I have a Samsung J3 2017
and work regularly in an area with no mobile service. I note however that several of my colleagues use a wifi service called wifi calling where they can make free calls via the internet regardless of having no mobile service.
I don t seem to have this option on my smartphone.
Please can someone advise me if it is at all possible fo me to get this facility on my phone. Many thanks.


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Which phone service provider are you with. (Vodafone? EE? Tesco MobilE? etc).
In the absence of a reply to help me guide you further, all I can offer you is this link, which tells you which phone service providers offer wi-fi calling:

. . . and this one, which tells you how to enable the facility (subject to your phone service operator actually offering it) on your phone:
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Hi Thanks for your reply. I an currently using GiffGaff as my supplier
So no wi-fi calling then :(

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Wifi Calling On Samsung J3 2017

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