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bentaxle | 17:06 Fri 24th Dec 2021 | Technology
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Need to replace my Adobe Element prog and have found the price range from £85 to £50 the £50 one can be used on two machines which could be handy is from a I wonder if anybody has used these people I seem to remember someone on here a while ago having trouble downloading a Adobe progs
The old Adobe prog was loaded off a disc from PC world which I found easy to load but this downloading thing is all new to me
Thank you for your time


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If you want a 100% reputable source for discounted Adobe software, look no further than the website of Computer Act!ve magazine.

You've not said whether you're seeking Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Premiere Elements but they're both available for £54.99 each (which is a saving of £30 on the list price):

If you need both, the package is available at £79.99 (which is a saving of £57):
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Thank you Buenchico that's just the info I needed its the Elements I had but seeing your reply I think I'll get both as the family is getting it for my 90th birthday
Thank you again for your time and patience

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Adobe Element

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