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Thisoldbird | 22:56 Sun 19th Dec 2021 | Technology
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I wonder if anyone can advise me please.

It's been suggested I get a care call type alarm that either my disabled husband or myself would be able to summon help if we couldn't make the phone.

I saw something a few days ago about setting up Alexa so we could ask it to make a phone call.. I.e.Alexa call JANE.

We have a facebook portal with Alexa. What else do i need to buy to have the facility in the bedroom and sitting do i marry them to work together, please.


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You can buy was many cheap echos as you want and register each to your account. I'm not sure that is the best solution, though
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Thank you Barry1010.

I know very little about these things. Its trial and error.
Its because I was poorly a few weeks ago and manage to summon help that set me thinking we need to put something in place . Thanks again.
This might help:
(Unfortunately Amazon hasn't yet enabled the Alexa Guard Plus feature for UK devices though, so only the stuff about an emergency contact number is relevant at the moment).
You have as many Alexa devises around as you like registered to the homes internet. You can talk from any room to any device and it will work so just say Alexa call.... and it will happen.
you need to have the call ..."whoever" set up though, so you'll need someone who is willing to be "jane" in your scenario, and understand that "jane" might not be in/available when you call. IMO in your situation, it may be better (if you have a landline) to get a care alarm of some sort. That way, it is ALWAYS answered and if your nominated contacts do not answer, professional call handlers can talk to you, and send appropriate help. Even for a care alarm, you need someone to be "jane"
care alarms come with ongoing costs though, so if you have a jane that's willing to do the job, alexa will do (although if your emergency is a power cut, you'll be bu99ered)
Care alarms usually have a pendant, wristwatch or some other device worn on the body. Much more useful than 'Alexa' if you need help when you're in the bathroom, garden or anywhere out of range of 'Alexa'.
Some care alarms have fall detectors which will send help if you are unconscious.
Sadly these services are expensive but they are reliable. No good using 'Alexa' to call 'Jane' if she has her phone switched to silent at night or whilst she is at work.

Thisoldbird, you need to consider your needs and your finances before making any decisions. The Echo Dot is the cheapest 'Alexa' device at around £18.
bednobs, all landlines will be bu&&ered during a power cut in a few years when we are all switched to VOIP - no electricity, no landline. It is not good for those who live in an area with non-existent or poor mobile signals
ah, but not now i presume barry?
It's supposed to be completed before 2025, bednobs. Those that don't have internet will be forced to sign up for it if they wish to continue using their landline. I am surprised there isn't more 'chatter' about it
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Thank you everyone who responded.

It's very useful information. At the moment my husband is never alone being housebound, which makes me housebound but for the very occasional outing.

I'll get a echo dot for the bedroom to try it. My Grandson will set it up for us.
We live in a very small apartment so would happily buy another if need be. We have a Portal that has Alexa for starters..

This getting old lark gets harder and harder..
Thanks again everyone.
I would get an alarm ,either on your wrist or around your neck. You press it and get put straight through to a professional person who will help you to get the appropriate service immediately. Supposing that you fall out in the yard you wouldn't have Alexa to call on . The alarms work up to about 75feet from the base alarm unit.
From experience the alarm company try to make contact with the person, then if not possible they phone the contact numbers.

Turns out my relative had left his button on when he went out in the car and must have knocked it when he gou out of the car. Didn't hear the alarm company trying to contact him as he was outside speaking to his neighbour.

He only knew about it when a relative turned up, followed by another relative and then me with the spare key!
What happens during the night with Alexa. Aren't you supposed to switch these listening devices off.? Otherwise all your night time conversations will be being listened in to.
alexa is listening all the time - you can turn it on and off if you want to
And all the information and private things you are discussing will be collated No thank you I can live without one.

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