Advice On An I-Phone Please

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andy-hughes | 22:47 Wed 08th Dec 2021 | Technology
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I want to update to an I-Phone.

I am with Twesco Mobile on a monthly contract - I am happy to buy my phone outright first.

I will use the pbone for calls, texts, occasional research, and face-timing family.

I do not play games or use social media, so my usage is pretty light.

I would like an I-Phone that will do what I need, but not have to pay for a load of tech that I will never use.

As always, any advice appreciated.


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Have you thought about a secondhand one Andy. I bought one from these people and have a GiffGaff sim card for £6 monthly. Unlimited texts and minutes and I'd have to look up the data, but it's sufficient for you I think. Oh and the phone was like new.
If you want to stick with Tesco but need the cheapest current iPhone (which should easily meet your needs), rather than considering an older refurbished phone, Tesco Mobile has a deal where you pay nothing up front for a brand new iPhone SE 2020 but an extra £9.99 per month (for 36 months) on top of your normal phone tariff. (So the phone works out at £359.64, which is a good price for an iPhone anyway):
If you’re on FB, look for your local phone repairer - they occasionally sell on phones that they’ve refurbished for a fraction of the the price of other refurbished ones (and they don’t want the grief of selling a duff phone and getting slated on FB).
I switched to Tesco this year and went with the iphone SE 2020 as suggested above, and am delighted with it. The transaction was smooth and efficient, the phone was straightforward to set up and the service is reliable.

It will cost £17.99 pm (£8 for data and £9.99 for the phone)
Any questions about it just ask.
I bought an Amazon certified, 1 year gaurantee for battery, refurbished I phone 12. Had it 2 years now no problem

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Advice On An I-Phone Please

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