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fourteen85 | 08:20 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | Technology
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Good morning, I have a Campark T 80 trail camera which I use to video Hedgehogs in our back garden, it uses 8 AA batteries to run the camera which is set to run during the hours of darkness. The instruction booklet says I must not use re chargeable batteries in this unit, what would be the reason for this ? and would i do any damage if i did use re chargeables? i am currently changing the eight batteries more than once a week and its not cheap. thanks for your thoughts.


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Rechargeable batteries are 1.2V compared to conventional batteries which are 1.5V. 8 conventional batteries is 8 x 1.5 = 12V, 8 rechargeables is 8 x 1.2 = 9.6V, so power might be insufficient from rechargeables.
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thanks Barry, i think its the cold thats using them so quickly, i will bring the camera in for winter and just feed the little hogs
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sorry BHG not barry
I`ve got a trail camera and I switched to rechargeables for the same reason. Doesn't seem to make any difference.
You can't do any damage by trying rechargeables; they might just not work. It's worth giving it a try if you have some sitting around.
I've just read the online manual and it recommends using alkaline batteries.
You could email their customer support at [email protected]

The batteries should be lasting a lot longer than a week. This reviewer uses Energiser Lithium batteries

This reviewer recommends rechargables and a commentator says his batteries are still at 75% after 2 weeks

Is your camera constantly connected to WiFi? Are you downloading lots of footage over wifi every day?

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I do not have the camera wifi set up as it was a faff, the camera is set to come on at 18.00 for 12 hours and it records 1 minute videos, i do not have it set to have a delay between videos just comes on when it is triggered, it is set for the highest quality video . Batteries certainly lasted a lot longer than they are doing now, I just put it down to the cold. we do get a lot of videos though, i changed the batteries on Saturday and put a clean card in and this morning i have 178 videos to look through. ( There is a lot of Hog activity at the moment in the garden - the young ones dont want to go to bed it seems)

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