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curlygirlies | 09:45 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Technology
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Sent an email yesterday by Outlook and my AB avatar came up and was sent with the email. Bloody annoyed cos it was a business email. Did a few tests sending emails to other addresses and my avatar was sent too. I've deleted avatar from gravatar now. This happened yesterday for the first time. Any ideas?


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No idea why it started only yesterday but this shows you can delete it from Outlook. In Click your Avatar picture top right hand corner Edit Profile Change picture Remove {what you currently have} I suggest you try your old avatar on here again and then test it by sending an e-mail to youself.
11:03 Sat 04th Dec 2021
No idea why it started only yesterday but this shows you can delete it from Outlook.

Click your Avatar picture top right hand corner
Edit Profile
Change picture
Remove {what you currently have}

I suggest you try your old avatar on here again and then test it by sending an e-mail to youself.
It's not an AB issue though.its a WordPress issue... you set up an avatar for an email address and AB picks it up but yes sometimes other things pick it up. Happen's with avatars on other sites too
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Cheers THECORBYLOON .I tried what you suggested yesterday but it didn't work, so I've just deleted my WordPress account as I only opened one to get an AB avatar. I did not use my business email address to open my AB account, so agree it probably has nothing to do with AB. I would be interested to see if anyone else has had the same experience though.
hi curlygirlies
I had an email today from Mozilla firefox informing me that had breached emails including mine. I have now changed my password to a computer-generated one. I only use the avatar on this site
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Hi jazz girl that's interesting cos I've had warnings flagged up that my password used for AB was on the breached list. I ignored and changed password as it was kinda an easy one to guess. So are you saying Gravatar had breached emails? Ive deleted my gravatar account now as I would only use it on here and can't do with the hassle.
// my password used for AB was on the breached list.//

Which breached list was that Curly? Was it a third party security set up or a browser warning?
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Browser warning Microsoft. Something like the password used on Answerbank has been identified as being breached. As it was something like Qwerty ( changed now!) I just ignored it and changed the password. Its not like my bank account details are on here or anything .
Thanks Curly. I wonder if this means that Answerbank is not secure or whether a sloppy password automatically flags up a warning ⚠. I wouldn't like to think the site is compromised.
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I think they look for major breaches and informs you if your password has been involved. Password qwerty is probably used millions of times as a temporary password or to a site like this that doesn't contain any personal data worth stealing.
More concerning is Gravatar and breached emails. I would like to find out more about that. It was a bit weird seeing my AB avatar next to my name on a business email -like what the....?
I am sure that the answer is probably hidden away somewhere in your email settings, browser settings, or wordpress settings. Considering we all, on here, have wordpress accounts( those of us with avatars) and do not have the problem it looks to be your settings somewhere. Unless of course wordpress have changed their set up, or conditions of use, since we started using it and it is only being applied to new joiners ... for now.
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Togo I have two outlook accounts with associated email addresses, private and business. I checked all my settings and none of them have a photo activated. Because it was appearing on my business addy I am going to recheck settings for Office 365.
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Togo I joined AB in April and got an Avatar shortly after. This problem started just a couple of days ago.
There is a way of linking to a particular answer but I can't mind on how to do it.

If someone can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.

When the former member APG thought her AB Account had been hacked, the ED posted,

"Just to clarify, the link APG provided states:

// But how does Apple know that your passwords have appeared in a data leak? Well, this is a new feature built into iOS 14 called “Security Recommendations” that monitors your passwords and notifies you if they are too weak, if you are reusing them, or if they show up in known data leaks.

The alert may be shown even if you don’t have a password leak of your specific account. For instance, if a 123456 password (a terrible password choice, by the way) has leaked online and you are using the same password for any of your accounts, you will get a warning message because the service compares your current password with the one that has become publicly available in known database leaks. //

This doesn't mean that The AnswerBank has had a known data leak. It means that a particular password has appeared in a leak and APG has been using the same password for her AnswerBank account, therefore the password isn't unique or may be easy to guess."

You have 2 outlook addresses but it only happened with one of them then? As yu have already summised, it is worth looking at what you have bolted on to the affected account. A mare. Did the linked avatar also give your AB "username. Lawd elpus if it did.
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Yeh I'm not bothered about the password thing, its cos I had a crap password that probably millions use and it was flagged up by microsoft. Loads of people get those messages no big deal. I just changed it.

Its the gravatar and email thing that interests me, mainly from what jazzgirl said. I don't like my personal stuff getting used without permissions.
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Togo just the avatar appeared in the photo circle to the left of my business email address.
Did the image send to your business colleagues or just stay in your sent/inbox lists?
Just a thought. If you have a Microsoft account and link an image to it(without Gravatar being involved) it is linked to Outlook mail.
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Togo yes the avatar was sent with the email. Im noticing Im getting more emails with avatars or business logos , but reckon those were put on purpose.

I know you can add a photo to your outlook account. The issue I have is that gravatar was added to an email account automatically.

I think this is Gravatar so no longer a problem as I've deleted the account.

Thanks for all the input & Im still interested to see if anyone else has has this happen.
I notice I typed in my last post. That should have read . The emails that were breached by that company on 5th December included .

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