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barry1010 | 10:18 Fri 03rd Dec 2021 | Technology
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I can mirror screen my devices to my smart tv easily.
There is a new series starting on a Sky channel that I am very keen to see. The only way to watch it is with a Sky subscription, a BT tv subscription or Now TV, none of which I have.

I could subscribe to Now TV on any of my devices but want to watch the series on my tv with my family.

So does anyone know for sure if it is possible to mirror screen Now TV to a smart tv?


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You can mirror anything which is on any device screen to a smart TV. You could also subscribe to Now TV and login and view it directly on your smart TV.
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Thanks, dave, I'll give it a go.
If you know someone with Sky could you "borrow" their subscription? A friend said I could watch snooker on Eurosport if I enter his Sky details.
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Wouldn't I need a Sky box and/or satellite dish?
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The channel I want to watch is Sky Atlantic
you can get skyGo on your PC then borrow a sky subscription and then you can cast that to your TV.
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I don't think Sky Atlantic is available on Sky Go.
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Apologies, it is but I won't log in to someone else's Sky subscription
Generally Sky Atlantic shows are only on Sky Atlantic. I presume older ones get sold to the streamers at some point. What's the show? You can probably get a bootleg one on Kodi via your smart TV. If you're really keen get sky.
If you have a SmartTV, download the NowTV app onto that. One NowTV subscription allows you to use 4 devices.
Sky own NowTV.
That is why you can watch sport that Sky has the rights for, with a NowTV subscription.
If your smart TV is from LG, Samsung (2015 and onwards) or a Sony Android model, you should be able to download the Now TV app.

Otherwise you might want to consider buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick (£30 for the 'Lite' version) or a Roku device (with the Roku Express currently on offer at just £13.99 from Currys or Amazon) and accessing Now TV on your telly through that.

you sure it's on NOW barry? Sky were very protective of SA shows, it wasn't even allowed on Virgin, may be they've relaxed a bit.
Gromit: 12:07, I see, that would explain it!
ok then get the Now app on your smart TV and sign up, you're sorted.
Star Trek Discovery is available to UK viewers via PlutoTV which you can load onto your SmartTV.
NowTV currently have an offer on for Christmas.
£12 instead of £20 per month for a 3 month subscription.
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This is the series

I'm not interested in Kodi, bootleg and prefer to pay

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