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jennyjoan | 11:23 Sun 28th Nov 2021 | Technology
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There is so much to learn on the Firestick but anyhow realised if I wanted to watch programmes on RTE I could download RTE player.

Tried last night and every thing went accordingly until it said - use another browser. Now how can I do that on Firestick. Thanks


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Does this help?

I'm sure you have a smart tv - can't you install it on that?
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ok thanks - I'll look at those later.
Can’t you watch it on Sky Q I can?
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OK - OMG - am in bed working with the Firestick - tried and honestly I should leave to the professional people in my family. Genuinely can't remember what I was doing but I think it was VPN? and it was opening and opening when I glimpsed - somebody saying it was no good and you have to pay etc.

Anyway wanted out of it and went back to IMDB and have lost that - won't let me into my programmes

It is saying say for eg Justice Judy - this video is not available due to geographical restrictions. What have I done there.

Red Helen - yes probably can but don't know either with SkyQ -

How do I do that - to tell you the truth I am afraid of mucking about much more.

How can I get my IDMB back. Thanks
Which link did you follow? Mine or ael's?
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Errm - none Barry - slaps myself on the wrist. sorry
Well I least I need to feel guilty for giving you duff information, JJ.

If you really can't get the Firestick working as it was yesterday you are going to have to go through the faff of restoring it to factory settings and starting from scratch as you did when you first bought it;IR=T
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Thanks Barry - the IMDB thing came in on its own, like I didn't download - like a few others. It is in my bedroom and I will content myself with bits and pieces of YouTube till I fall asleep NOT.

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