Economy 7 / White Meter Overnight Room Heating.

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Coppit | 06:40 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | Technology
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The power automatically comes on at midnight and goes off at around 6,30 am. By 3am my room is really hot. I doubt the power companies would agree, but due to current problems is there case for the start time to be made later?


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The whole point of off peak is that power is cheaper when there are fewer people using the supply. If they started later it would run into the morning peak. Make sure the heaters are set for max input but minimum output. It doesn't make a huge difference but they will still be giving out some heat in the evening.
I agree, the settings on your storage radiators are wrong - if they really are storage radiators.
Yes to above. I've discovered that many people with (older-style) storage rads just don't know how to use the controls for best results.
It also helps if you use a decent weather forecaster online to know what the temperature is forecast for the following 24/48 hours.
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Sorry I didn't make my question clear. It was not about altering the Off time and I have used mine for 28 years and know how to operate the controls. It seems to me that since it takes only about an hour for the heater to warm fully, and say another two to get the room up to up max temperature the three hours from midnight are unnecessary. The power companies would no doubt resist any change but that's not my question.
Why should they change there offer though. You may be happy with just 3 hours someone else might want a different 3 in that slot and someone else might need all the slot or just an hour of it. So there giving the choice and trying to get as many as possible to use the night rate slots. We do washer and dishwasher in them hours and tumble dryer.
From your description it still sounds to me as though the settings are wrong, or the heaters are faulty. They should not be heating the room that dramatically in the night, they should be holding the heat in to be released throughout the day.

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Economy 7 / White Meter Overnight Room Heating.

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