Boxes On Screen Are Being Ticked But Nothing Appears, Though Often The Required Action Is Executed

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Coppit | 17:18 Thu 25th Nov 2021 | Technology
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I can't uderstand why / how this happens, on an itermittent basis. Can it be fixed?


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That reads as if there's a problem with your browser. Try clearing its cache. If that doesn't help, reset it back to its 'out of the box' status.

(Instructions available, if needed, upon request. Please state which web browser you're using though).
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Thanks Buenchico. I cleared out the cache a few days ago arising out of a db problem but the missing tick one remains. So please send instructions.
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just to state the obvious, there isn't another box saying "Apply" to tick, is there?
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Where would 'Apply' be found? On the form to be filled in? The problem doesn't happen on all of them.
no, just sometimes when you have to refine a search by ticking boxes that limit the things to search for, you then click "apply" and you'll get a shorter list of results. I have no idea if this fits your situation, though.

I also don't know why you'd have a problem with some forms and not others - hopefully Buenchico can advise.
To reset Firefox to it's 'out of the box' state, first make a note of any extensions that you've got installed (such as an ad blocker or YouTube downloader), as you're about to remove them. You can, of course, reinstall them after the reset. [Three lines (top right) > Addons and Extensions].

Then click the three lines. (Top right).
Select Help > More Troubleshooting Information.
Click Refresh Firefox. (Top right).
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Operation completed Buenchico. Will now have to wait till I have another form to fill in. TKS.
If it is impt - print out and send
or print out and scan and email

I had this for sellers' answers to questions for a house sale
but at least you know it is happening

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Boxes On Screen Are Being Ticked But Nothing Appears, Though Often The Required Action Is Executed

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