Changing Broadband Providers

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granny grump | 21:29 Thu 04th Nov 2021 | Technology
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Having been battling with Talktalk for 9 months they have finally given in and are compensating me for the incredibly bad service and inconvenience. I can leave my 18month contract with out penalty. The internet was dropping out up to 10 times a day Now I have to find a new provider but I want to keep my email addresses and phone number. Is this possible? Any recommendations for a new provider?


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You can retain your landline phone number. See "How do I switch?" on the Ofcom website:

You can keep your TalkTalk email address for up to 12 months:
During that time, you should seek out a new email provider. If you choose one that offers a 'mail collector' facility, you can get mail sent to your old TalkTalk address automatically forwarded to your new address during the 12 months that your old account remains active. That should give you plenty of time to notify all of your contacts about your new address. My own choice of such provider, which is also becoming increasingly popular with other AB members, is GMX:
I find Plusnet to be very good. You would have to check with them about phone number though ( should imagine that you could keep your phone number though, they belong to BT ), email addresses should be no problem.
I'm with NOWTV. Might be worth checking out.
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Thank you both that's most helpful
Since TalkTalk don't own any phone lines, your broadband service will have actually been coming to you over BT Openreach's wires. Any new provider (unless you switch to a service such as Virgin Media, which has its own cables) will be using the same infrastructure as you've had in the past, meaning that your broadband service might continue to keep dropping out. A decent provider though should hassle Openreach to get the problem fixed for you. Plusnet, as recommended by Tony, is part of the same company (BT) that Openreach is, so that might be in a good position to do that hassling for you if it's needed.

Unless you live in a house with, say, lots of teenagers all streaming YouTube videos while you're also watching catchup TV over the internet, you almost certainly don't need particularly fast download speeds. The 10 Mbps ADSL 2+ service offered by Plusnet should be perfectly adequate for your needs. (I use a 10 Mbps ADSL 2+ service myself and I'm not planning on changing anything). Plusnet charge £18.95 per month but you get a £75 reward card when you sign up:
Have a look at Quidco or other cashback sites.

Not only will you get cashback if you go through them, you might get a better deal.

When I was with EE I got a deal that was £1 dearer a month but also gave me £80 or £100 cash back (can't remember which, as got the other amount from another switch) via Quidco.

I'm currently with Vodafone.
I always recommend friends never to use the email address from their ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the very reason that you might easily wish to change provider in the future. Personally I like Gmail as I don't care if they use my messages to target ads. I'm pretty immune to ads and they're going to come anyway; if so, they might as well be relevant.

A big plus of Gmail is that it synchronises across all your devices, so your phone, laptop & desktop all keep up with one another automatically. Normally, all of your messages, incoming & outgoing, are encrypted, providing excellent security, especially when you're away from home. It also has a system for sending mail which works whichever ISP you're using, even temporarily. This is not always the case with other mail providers and people sometimes find that they can receive mail when using an external ISP, such as in an Internet cafe, but any outgoing messages get stuck in their Outbox.
Hi Granny (if I may?), I hope you don't mind me butting into your thread, but in a way, I'm "glad" to find someone else who is having problems with TalkTalk and I wish you all the very best with yours and what with the knowledgeable "strength" of those fighting your corner, i.e. Buenchico and Tony, I hope you find a much better provider. I've been with TT for years and I wish I had the techno words to "take them on" as to leave contracts and find a better deal. It would be very helpful to know how you are getting on with leaving them and finding new and you could email me if you could...there are ABers who would vouch for my honesty and sincerity. Ta Muchly for reading and Keep Well You and All.
i have been with EE for a long while and found them to be reasonable and their shop locally has helped me with my mobile phone transfer of data. I would recommend them, i pay roughly 30 quid a month, for broadband, phone line, phone calls to 01, 02, 03 free for the first hour.
i use G Mail for my e mail services, it's as good as it gets...

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Changing Broadband Providers

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