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porkchop | 17:01 Mon 01st Nov 2021 | Technology
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My phone battery is failing. Its a Lithium- Ion 3.7V -1000 mAh, LGIP -580A. Would a new battery with the same exact specifications except for instead of 1000 mAh the new battery is 1600 mAh. Would the extra 600 mAh damage the phone or is it OK to use?


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It's just the capacity (longevity) as long as the voltage is the same it should be OK I think.
No problem at all; it should simply last a bit longer. (Nominally 60% longer but battery manufacturer's figures can be notoriously misleading anyway).

If you particularly want a 1000mAh battery though . . . User Recommendation
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Thanks Davebro & Buenchico. The battery on the link you provided is a bit dear £29.98 for my phone. Its an old relic, an LG Viewty (KU 990). I love this phone and surely there must be cheaper battery to be found.By the way, i also have one of the the latest 5g Smart phones but i always carry the old LG to make and receive calls. When it came out it was way ahead of the rest and for me its a gem.

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Phone Battery 1000 Mah

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