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smurfchops | 14:43 Sat 30th Oct 2021 | Technology
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How do I turn background data off? Can’t find it under Settings. Further to my previous question, I paid for more data and it went back to zero used last night. However this morning it has gone up to 0.47GB used already, I had mobile data on for two hours while out shopping but haven’t used phone during that time. Why is it using so much data? Sorry I am not technical at all.


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Your phone should not be using data like that. Go in to settings-WiFi & internet - data usage - mobile data usage
This should tell you what is using your data.

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Thanks Barry. It says 1.50GB of 2.00GB used, 1st October to 31 October. Data saver is on. It says Google Playstore 1.02gb. Galaxy store 265mb. I don’t know what these are for or if I need them. I use WhatsApp (792mb), Photos (342mb) and Samsung Internet (303mb) but don’t know if I need the Google Playstore and Store. All the others are low, don’t know what a lot of them are. I don’t use YouTube, films, even music on my phone. Mainly calls, internet, WhatsApp, Gallery and Google photos. My contract starts on 23rd of each month. Hope you can help me, thanks again.
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It looks like all my Background Data Usages are switched off by the way.
The play store is where you go to download apps. It should not be using that amount of data. Open it and see if you can find out what is going on
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Google Playstore says
Total 1.02 BG
Foreground 0.95gb
Background 68.49mb
Allow background usage is Off
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Background data usage is off…
Are you sure you are looking at data usage in the latest period and not the size of the apps themselves?
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Haven’t the foggiest, I am not technical at all. It says Data Usage 1.50gb of mobile data Oct - 31 Oct. Then I opened Mobile data usage, 1-31 Oct, “data usage is measured by your phone, may be different from your service providers measurements”. And now the usage has changed! the top one is Google Photos 1.08gb, then Samsung Internet 168mb, WhatsApp 58.58mb, the other apps have a very low blue line…. What is going on? All have background data usage off. My Tesco data used from 23 October is still 0.47Gb out of my allowance of 1.73gb, even though I added 500mb last night and my data went back to zero, as mentioned before. Hope someone understands all this because I don’t !! Thanks all
if you'd used .47gb before you topped up, you would have still used .47gb today, just of a larger amount!
If you had (for example)1gb of data allowance per month and you used .47 GB, of 1gb and then you bought a 1gb top up of data, you have still used .47gb but of 2gb.
In the first example, you would have .53 GB left, but in the second you have 1.53 gb left
I have just checked my phone and Google photos has used only 8.42kb of data this month.
When I click on it within the App Data Usage I see I have 'Background Data' switched on and 'Unrestricted Data Usage' switched off. I don't have DataUsage disabled.

I suggest you try clearing the cache in Google Photos.
Settings-Apps-Photos-Storage-Clear Cache

It won't affect your photos but might help with the data problem.
i never use data only wifi for data, as others have said easy to trun off, or ring your supplier, they can turn it off, but you can do it through settings, plenty of apps can do it for you as well, google play
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Thanks Barry I have tried that, fingers crossed. I will keep a check in it, otherwise I will pop into Tesco and let them look at it. Thanks all.

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