My Computer Has Just Changed From W10 To W11!!!

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piggynose | 14:26 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | Technology
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I´d like to revert back to W10, should i?


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Does this help? Only you know if you should change back to W10
I don't know much but I've been getting messages saying they're discontinuing some services and updates on W10.
So I'd say, if you got W11 for free, hang on to it. (again, I'm useless on computers. See what the experts say before rushing into anything)
that is the whole point: th great man of the people and good service - Bill Gates that is ! is going over to periodic charges
so it all depends on what you pay

I have stuck at 2013 microsoft office and the OS is the usual load of Microsoft poo-poo
you can customize win11 to look look and feel like win10
they'll support W10 for a few year yet, they only recently stopped support for W7!
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Is it any better?
I can't say I really liked W10. Yet again the better the devil you know.
If you haven't already, have a look at a few of the squillion or so videos on YouTube -

I'll not be touching it for a good while yet.
TTT @, they haven't.
I still get important updates for W7.
How did you manage to get W11 just like that anyway?
Unless you need very specialist apps and services that will run only on Windows, Linux + OpenOffice will do everything you require. Completely free, open source, easy to use, 100% compatible.
i would keep 11 until you are used to it,b,ut if you wish to go back to 10 and if you have a big enough hard drive,you could run both,just partition your drive if its not already
Windows 11 is a free upgrade from Windows 10
Sounds like the OP has involuntarily got it via Windows update
Lucky piggy' I've been told my CPU doesn't qualify!
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Windows 11 is a free upgrade from Windows 10
Sounds like the OP has involuntarily got it via Windows update.
That must be the case, as ive only had my new laptop a few weeks.
Ah and if you have a new laptop then it presumably passes the hardware test
Stay with it. My Surface Pro upgraded some weeks ago and is sound as a pound. Look at the instruction and advice module that came with the upgrade and digest the tips and info. Save the url for future reference for a while until you are au fait with the setting menu and the like. I cant wait to sort out my desktop with a TMP 2 chip that I have, but that means a strip down and on the bench with a fan clean up and the like. Not got my head on for it yet. If you don't like it you can revert back to 10 in settings.

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My Computer Has Just Changed From W10 To W11!!!

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