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calda49 | 20:31 Sun 17th Oct 2021 | Technology
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I have Payg mobile which I occasionally use to make and receive both texts and calls. It is never connected to the internet. My provider, Virgin, is no longer going to offer this facility from January. Can anyone recommend an alternative Payg provider who has reasonable costs, thank you?


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Tesco are good; some recommend ASDA. As long as your phone isn't locked you can just buy a SIM and away you go.
I should have added that you should be able to transfer your current number to the new SIM if you want.
Asda (which is my phone provider, and I'm happy to recommend) have a £5 per month bundle. It gives you 1 GB of data (which you don't need) but you get unlimited calls and texts thrown in as well:

Asda also offer a 'non-bundle' PAYG plan, whereby you pay 4p per minute for calls and 4p for texts:

However 1pmobile might be better for you. Their 'non-bundle' PAYG plan costs just 1p per minute and 1p per text:
I don't think it's available now but I have mine with talktalk for £3 pm. - unlimited calls & texts & enough data.
Others do similar for £5 pm I think.
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Thank you to all, will try Tesco as I also need to get a Tesco clubcard.
I thought the 1p mobile would be good for me until I read that you have to make a £10 top-up every 120 days.

I'm a very light user, £5 on my Asda mobile lasts me 3-4 months (4p per minute calls and texts).

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