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follyfancier | 22:01 Tue 28th Sep 2021 | Technology
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for the past couple of weeks I am getting a pop up message from Google Drive every time I switch the computer on,

I am using Windows 10 but do not use Google drive, I can,t find out how to stop this I assume it must have come in an update


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What does the pop up say? It will have nothing to do with Windows update.
Question Author
it says Google drive (with a coloured logo)
sign in through your browser
and I have noticed it puts it's little logo on the task bar at the bottom, it just pops up straight away before I go on the internet
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thank you Barry I have done what it says on your link so I will let you know later if it has fixed it
I think that the answer that barry has provided is different to what you're after.
The link shows you how to disable sign in with Google pop-ups on websites.
If it doesn't work, try the following:
Press and hold the following keys all at the same time:
"Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete"
Note it has to be "delete" and not "backspace"
On the screen that opens up, select "task manager"
On the tabs that run across the top, select "startup"
This will give you a list of programmes that start up when your PC boots up. Under "status" you'll see that some are enabled and some are disabled. See if there's anything in there for Google Drive
and disable it.

If that doesn't work, try:
Question Author
thank you Gizmonster , your task manager tip has done it

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Google Drive Pop Up

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