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jennyjoan | 19:16 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Technology
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This is what I have

it only holds 30 numbers and when it is full and I need to add more numbers I have to delete like some necessary numbers.

I have lost instruction book but think the M1, M2, M3 down the right side of the phone hold numbers too but I don't know how to do it. Can anybody help. thanks


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P1 to P3 and M1 to M6 are one-touch speed dial buttons. Instructions for configuring them can be found in the instruction manual here:
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right Chris - looked at the necessary info re quick dial buttons so am going down to practise. thanks again.
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Chris - had a wee go there but when I go to "save" - it keeps saying Memory Full. Does the phone only hold 30 numbers.

When you press M1 - can't remember (upstairs) it will say "Empty" - so I'm doing something wrong.
Pressing 'Save' should erase any number that's already stored in the relevant memory, and replace it with the new one that you're trying to enter. So you shouldn't encounter any 'Memory Full' problems.

Check that you're doing it right:

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Geemarc Cl555

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