Slight Problem With Firefox

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Jackdaw33 | 16:58 Sun 26th Sep 2021 | Technology
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For two days now, whenever I try to log into my internet banking, Ireceive the following message:

//Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.\\

I have no problem in logging in with Chrome or Edge. I just wondered why this has sudddenly happened.


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Clear the cookies in FF and try again
^^^ Clearing cached data, as well as cookies, might be better:
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I'm frightened to clear anything in case I lose all my passwords.
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how cynical, Gully, and a little rich too.

Jackdaw, there's usually a page on the deletions that you potentially are looking at - just make sure that your passwords are not ticked - well that's what happen in Chrome! Wouldn't think Firefox is that much different.
Clearing a browser's cache doesn't delete stored passwords. (It might log you out of any sites that you happen to be logged into at the time but your passwords will still be there when you want to sign in again).

My web browsers are always configured to automatically delete the cache every time I close them. Since I open and close my default browser (Slimjet) at least half a dozen times every day, that means that the cache is cleared at least half a dozen times a day; I've never lost a password yet ;-)
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Thanks all. Have done as you suggested but problem persists. Not an issue as I can log on to banking via Chrome. Cheers.
Are you going to the site via a bookmark, in which case check that the address it gives is still completely valid.

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Slight Problem With Firefox

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