Factory Data Reset Needs Tweeking

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piggynose | 09:15 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | Technology
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Hi aber techies. I need your techinical know how. To cut a long story short, My phone has refused to work since i put it on flight mode 2 days ago. i´ve switched off the flight mode after we landed. So when i got home i automatically assumed it would work like it always does with my router. Wrong, it wouldn´t. I was told by a phone shop to do a factory data reset, so i did and worked for all of 5 mins then died again. Any advice would be appreciated, as i need it for work on Monday. Incidentally my phone is a LG K10 (2017).


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Could it be your battery Piggy?
Question Author
so do batteries have a short life ? as my phone is only 18 months old.
I'm trying to work out how a 2017 phone can only be 18 months old in 2021.
Question Author
I'm trying to work out how a 2017 phone can only be 18 months old in 2021.
Because it was bought 18 months ago. So are you saying my phone was already 2 1/2 yrs old when bought?
Question Author
thanx bobby, shame they dont post to Spain.
I’m sure phone shops in Spain will stock them too piggy
Question Author
i´m sure they do Bobby, theres also
So i should be able to buy one pretty cheap if needed. thanx bobby xx
You’re welcome
Can you not take it to a 'phone shop to see if it is the battery and not something else more serious and expensive.

My last two 'phones stopped charging properly because of problems with the charging points and possible issues with the motherboard, either of which could have taken weeks to resolve and too much money.
Question Author
corby, i´m going back to the same phone shop ive used before in about an hour. I just thought somebody on here might have had a solution.
I was only thinking better to check first before spending money on a battery and then finding out that's not the problem.

With one of the 'phones I had, I had bought a wireless charger a few month before I had charging issues but I couldn't even use that because that stopped working on the 'phone.
Time to cut your losses and buy a new phone?
I'm not understanding exactly what the problem is.
Is the battery dying a few minutes after it has been fully charged
is the connection to the router dropping after a few mintues?
Question Author
barry : shall i bore you with the details? its got nothing to do with charging my phone. it took several attempts since yesterday to get a connection with my router. When i did get connected it lasted all of 5 mins or so. In fact i coincided my eventual connection after my 1st trip to the phone shop. The technician said i needed to go home and remove all my files from my phone then do a factory reset. After i got home, bingo i got connected. Sadly it was short lived.
dont know what more i can add.
Thanks for the clarification, piggy. I think we got confused with the battery issue because you said your phone 'died again' in the OP.

Go in to your wifi settings, click on your wifi then click 'forget this network'.
Your phone should now search for a network - click connect when it find yours.
Hopefully that will fix it

Question Author
Barry. i have gone through all the permutations, you name it ive tried it. The phone is back in the phoneshop, hopefully they'll fix it. Incidentally my phone couldnt find any networks.
Let us know what happens, piggy. By the way, your phone was 2 and a half years old if you bought it 18 months ago - you said it is a 2017 model.
//By the way, your phone was 2 and a half years old if you bought it 18 months ago//
When I've had wi-fi connection problems with a mobile phone, the trick that's worked for me has been to enable flight mode, wait a few moments and then to disable it again. Given that your problem started through using flight mode, that might well be worth a try, I think.

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Factory Data Reset Needs Tweeking

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