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HFJL2020 | 10:03 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Technology
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hello i have a tv box thats refusing boot up it keeps telling me turn on---
on corner of screen it says no signal
thank u


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Pull out the connectors and push them firmly back in.

Pull out the plug and put it back in again.

Switch on.
Question Author
ta for reply i did that a few times still prob
Where does your signal come from? Is it an aerial, satellite dish or internet?
Question Author
aerial thank u
I use hdmi 1 for watching recordings and hdmi 2 to watch sky tv Q box, I also have hdmi 3 (no idea what that is for). Are you using the correct hdmi? Sorry if this sounds confusing, I only just about understand it myself.
to continue... I use hdmi 1 for watching dvds and watch recordings from my sky box through the sky box.
Question Author
i did use hdmi for watching and recording
As Evadora hints at, your post reads as if there's nothing wrong with your set-top box but your TV has the wrong input selected.

First, make sure that your set-top box is actually switched on.

Then, sing the remote control for your TV set (not the one for your set-top box!), press the 'Source' button. (It's sometimes labelled, 'Src', 'Input', 'In' or 'Signal' but it's probably most commonly marked by a rounded rectangle with an arrow pointing into it). That will enable you to use the up and down arrow keys to move between such options as 'DTV', 'HDMI 1', 'HDMI 2', etc, which you then select by pressing the 'Enter' key on the handset.

You need to have the correct input selected, which will depend upon which port the output from your set-top box is plugged into. (It's usually 'HDMI', 'HDMI 1' or 'HDMI 2' but if you've got an old TV and set-top box it might be 'Scart' or similar). If in doubt, simply try each input in turn until you find the one that displays the signal from your box.
It sounds like it's an old TV if you need a box for it.

If you can't get it sorted, consider replacing the TV rather than the box.

There is however the possibility that the problem is outside at the ariel so trying a different TV there is worth doing.
Question Author
its a new sony tv and new tv box = hdmi is connected to tv box
and aerial to tv box no other cables connected
I'm confused if you are using an aerial for Freeview on a modern, why you need a box. Am I missing something?
^^^ I think that Henry is using a Humax PVR, Hoppy.
Question Author
keep pressing turn on tv box no luck
Question Author
yes i am using a humex tv box
what model? Youtube has how to set up on it/problem solving etc
You could test the signal is coming from the aerial by plugging the lead directly into the TV.
I had a very strange incident with my Humax box a couple of days ago. I happens to be the first device on the aerial string, ending with the TV, although I use the other devices via HDMI connections. The TV tuner had dropped out, as had the tuner on my Manhatten PVR; the third device is rarely used, so was not affected. I had to retune the Manhatten box and the TV and power-off the HMAX before things would work again. Perhaps the Humax box (and Henry's) had had an automatic software update which had gone wrong and has since been corrected. Can I suggest that you power-off the Humax box for a few minutes and then retry.
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ta for info i cannot turn off tv box because i cannot turn it on
You said it's a new box, have you had it set up and working before?
Question Author
yes it was working for the last 4 weeks no problem recording or watching

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