O2 Samsung Watch And Tesco Mobile Phone

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Rockape808 | 20:06 Wed 22nd Sep 2021 | Technology
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If I buy a Samsung 4 Watch from O2 that would use their 4G network would it be compatible on a Tesco Mobile Samsung phone that also uses the O2 network?
I wish to buy my son the watch as a gift for getting a First Class Degree with Honours but I need to know that the watch and phone would be compatible together using the O2 network even if the mobile was bought through Tesco.
I will naturally ask both suppliers but it would be nice to be armed with facts before hand. Thanks.


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You need to check which version of Android his phone is running on. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will pair with any Android phone using Android 8.0 or later. (The network that the phone is on is entirely irrelevant, as the pairing is over Bluetooth and doesn't use the phone network at all). As long as his phone is a fairly recent model, that shouldn't present any problems. (My Samsung Galaxy A12, for example, runs Android 11).
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Thanks Buenchico. Phone is a Note 10 with all software current. I am still unsure though if you must have a 'pure' O2 phone to utilise the O2 bought watch 4G function when not in close proximity to the phone which is a Tesco Mobile phone that piggy backs on the O2 network.

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O2 Samsung Watch And Tesco Mobile Phone

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