Issues With Dropbox

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joko | 20:40 Tue 21st Sep 2021 | Technology
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i use the free 2gb version of Dropbox, just to keep personal files etc in that i'd be upset if I lost them on my hard drive

however, twice now, i have discovered a huge amount of them in the deleted files folder & had to remove them.

im annoyed because ive also realised it emptys the deleted items folder every 30 days - & now im concerned some stuff has been deleted.
There are 100s & hundreds of docs etc, so i dont know what, until I need it.

so my questions are -

is there a setting so can stop the 30 day delete thing? i dont mind then as i can take them out again.

why is this happening - i definitely have never ever deleted any of those files.

is there any other very reliable free option? that works similarly to dropbox

thanks :)


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Issues With Dropbox

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