Help Needed On Opening Files.

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Barsel | 01:48 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Technology
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A friend has just sent me some photos but it looks like it says HEIC file.
It says,' The HEVC Video extension is required to display this file.
Download and install it now.
When I click on that it says,
Do you mean to switch applications.
I clicked No.
Can someone tell me what to do please?


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Perhaps this will help.

If not, Buenchico will be by later & explain in detail.

Answer yes instead of no. It's as simple as that. It needs to switch applications to download the codec.
^^^ Both sound advice, IMHO.
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Thanks for your answers.
I found something called ( I think! ) CopyTrans HEIC for Windows which allowed me to right click on the photos and given the choice to open them with Windows Photo Viewer.
If anyone comes back to this, can I ask what my friend must have done for the photo to come as this type of file and not a Jpg? Thanks

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Thanks for the link Corby. It says on it how my friend can change the settings on the device she uses so her photos will be sent as Jpg's in future.

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Help Needed On Opening Files.

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