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Theblip | 06:34 Tue 14th Sep 2021 | Technology
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Asking on behalf of a neighbour…. She has used Gmail for several years, and lately received emails telling her her Gmail storage is full. She did a bit of deleting and signed up for extra storage, yet she is no longer able to send or receive emails - they’ve just stopped. She can’t find out online who to contact or how to resolve this. Anyone know?


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well the first thing to to look at what she is storing. Gmail comes with 15gb of free storage so I find it remarkable that she's filled it. I suspect she's been saving the entire system rather than just her personal files. Tell her to examine what is actually stored in her gmail account. Most people would never get anywhere near 15gb.
If she's signed up for extra storage, it should be visible in her Gmail account. Open Gmail and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. In small letters at the bottom, it will say something like:

12.15 GB of 15 GB used

Some Gmail themes make that text difficult to read. If you can't see it, hit Ctrl A to highlight all the text on the screen. Then the storage text should be visible.

This may be useful for your friend -but make sure she has signed up to the real Gmail and not a scammer!

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