Heelp! Photoshop Query.

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Bramleyboy | 16:32 Fri 10th Sep 2021 | Technology
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I have used Photoshop for many years, buying the upgrade as required, right up to Adobe Photoshop CS5. I only do very minimal things with it now, like cropping etc. Today, when I tried to access CS5 it said there was an error (6) and I should delete and reload the programme.
I deleted and then put in my DVD and it kept on being rejected so I assume I am out of date!
I object to this modern computing trick of getting you to buy the newer and more expensive programme. My question is 'is there a simple programme or answer to my problem?'
There doesn't appear to be a 'computing' section so I apologise if I have boobed!
Many thanks, Bramley.


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Gimp is free.
'Computers' is a subsection of 'Technology' but it doesn't matter anyway.

For your very limited needs, you don't need Photoshop. Irfanview (which should be on everyone's computers anyway, as it's a zillion times better than what comes with Windows) allows you to crop images, adjust the colour balance and do just about everything else that basic photo editing requires:

If you need anything more than that, GIMP is an open source (i.e. free) program that does everything that even the most advanced editions of Photoshop can:

(I use both of those programs on a daily basis).
Once you download Photoshop isn't the software on your computer & not online?
How does anyone know you are using it at all?
yes, it's on his computer - what makes you think anyone else can see it, Khandro?
jno: because he said, //when I tried to access CS5 it said there was an error (6) and I should delete and reload the programme.//

So how do they know he's even using it?
I took that to be an error message from the programme on his computer

How did you delete? Did you just bin it or did you uninstall?

Are you mac or PC.

PS: There are loads of free online photo processing websites these days. You don't really need any software at all for many editing tasks.

For example, I got from this image
to this one
in just a couple of minutes.

Bramleyboy: I fear you may have mistakenly deleted your whole Photoshop programme due to this piece of computer-generated s h*t information which was trying to screw you for more money.

I have Photoshop on my PC which I rely on daily & also have it on a usb stick in reserve. I once lost it during a change of computers due to the incompetence of an 'expert'.

I wish I could help, maybe one of Chris' suggestions would be better as you don't seem to need Photoshop's full resources

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Tuvok - I have a Mac. I just sent it all to trash and then deleted trash! I restarted the Mac and put in the Adobe Photoshop CS5 disk and it keeps on being rejected. I'll try some of the freebies mentioned. Many thanks for your kind attention. Bramley
What exactly is happening when you say rejected?

Usually there is an uninstall option with the DVD.

Have you removed the preferences and other related parts (usually in System - Library and your user Library.

It may also be the case that the authentication servers are no longer working. That was the case with CS2 - infact Adobe released the installation files for CS2 because of that:

Perhaps worth checking the Adobe forums for similar errors - thats always my first point of call.

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Heelp! Photoshop Query.

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