Home Network - Unknown Devices Showing Up?

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joko | 21:47 Thu 09th Sep 2021 | Technology
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Ive been trying to set up a home network, just between my 2 laptops.

Ive managed to do this, but it keeps going off & disappearing etc

but my question is - when i open the network folder from windows explorer, the devices that show up only 2 of them are mine - my fire sticks

im getting 2 phones called 'justeat 32' & a sony bravia TV that i dont have.

I assume these belong to people nearby but why are they showing up in my home network info?
nothing happens when i click on them, they just show properties etc, & i cant delete them.

i understand people wifi addresses showing up.

But is this something i nneed to address? or are they just showing up the same way nearby wifis do?



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>>> nothing happens when i click on them

Does that include RIGHT-clicking? (That's where I'd expect any 'Delete' or 'Remove' option to be hiding).
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yes, i cant open them or delete, just says properties with hardly any detail
It might be worth going into your router's settings to see what's listed there:
(That article refers to a D-Link router but it's much the same with any router. Provide the make and model of your router if you need help).
If they are not showing asn IP address then they are just showing as devices are searching for wifi, finding yours but not able to connect

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Home Network - Unknown Devices Showing Up?

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