Fixing Error 0X80073701

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Tubbycoates | 20:47 Wed 08th Sep 2021 | Technology
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I'm getting the above error when I try to install updates.

All the fixes on the net that I've seen tell me to run as adminstrator and do this that and the other, but how do I run as administrator?

Thanks all in advance


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You set your microsoft account to "administrator" in settings.
To change an account to "admin" click on the windows icon bottom left and from the pop up menu click settings( the cog wheel) .
Then scroll down to accounts and click.
Your own "profile" or name or image that you have given yourself should appear in a main menu but on the left scroll down to " Family and other users" click.
in that new menu choose your own account and change the use to "admin". In fact if other adults use the same pc and you trust them make them admin as well. The only people who should not be admin are children and complete numpties.
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Thanks all.

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Fixing Error 0X80073701

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