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granny grump | 11:23 Tue 07th Sep 2021 | Technology
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Good afternoon Technology experts

I am having major trouble with my Talk Talk internet and we lose signal 5/6 times a day and no internet access which affects Sky mobile phones and even Alexa.

Am I right in thinking that the problem is with Talk Talk or could it be with Sky?
I have been doing battle with Talk Talk for 7 months and have done everything they have asked. Moved to fibre; new router engineer came out and liaised with BT and endless chats with Talk Talk. The only remedy is to switch Talk Talk off and on again and things are alright for a period of time.
I am now waiting for them to call me - for the 2nd time. The first time they just didn't bother although they arranged the time of the call.
I'm sorry if my explanation is a bit basic but I am totally NOT technical at all

Thank you for bearing with me


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Had a few issues with TT in the past but it's been 100% OK since I went to fibre about 2 years ago.
sounds to me like u need a new BB supplier - are u in contract still?
It sounds like a line fault and (like me) whilst you pay your rent to TalkTalk, it is BT who is responsible for your line as far as your first connection box. If TalkTalk has replaced your router it is down to them to nag BT into checking-out your line.
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Thank you all for your help. When the engineer came out he identified an issue with BT and apparently liaised with them. Have gone fibre at their suggestion about 18 months ago and router replaced. Yes I want a new supplier but am tied in until next August. Every time that something is changed ie router move to fibre etc it works ok for a while and then it all starts again. So you think that it is Talk Talk and not Sky?
It's the internet signal you seem to be having problems with and your mobile phone is connecting via the internet whilst you are at home so, yes, it's the bit you pay TalkTalk for that's the problem but it is maintained by BT under contract from TalkTalk. On those grounds changing internet provider would probably make no difference unless you change to Virgin, which is a completely separate system, has its own problems and might not be available in your area.
Do you only have mobile phones from Sky? If so that could not possibly affect your broadband. If you turn wifi off on your mobile phones are they working okay?
If your broadband is down it will affect your Alexa devices.

You may be contracted to TalkTalk but you are allowed to cancel the contract without penalty if you are not getting the service you are paying for. After 7 months of problems, you can honestly say that TalkTalk is not providing a satisfactory service and terminate.

If there is a fault with the infrastructure that will not solve your problem as any provider you move to will be using the same cabling unless Virgin Media is available in your area - they use their own cables.
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Thank you No we get our phones from Tesco We have SkyQ for tv etc. I have logged a complaint and will try and change provider but if as you say the problem is with the infrastructure then I don't know what my options are. I will ask them to sort it out with BT again.

Thank you it has given me something to discuss with them when/if they ring me this afternoon
In your original post you said the lack of internet access affects you Sky mobile phones now you say you have Tesco mobile phones, so I'm confused.
If you have a smartphone it will connect to the internet via your router whilst you are at home. If you go out it will connect via the mobile phone networks and will be charged to your mobile phone account as part of your monthly allowance.
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Sorry bhg should have been a comma after Sky. Sky, mobile phones and Alexa.
I wondered if that was the case, GG.

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