Can't Get Into My Gmx Account.

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sandyRoe | 20:39 Mon 06th Sep 2021 | Technology
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Normally I'd click on an envelope icon and the gmx email address would appear. Clicking on it would bring me to the messages.
Clicking on the envelope icon now nothing happens.
What to do?


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I'm assuming that you're using webmail, where you access your account via the GMX website, rather than via a dedicated email app . . .

Clearing your browser's cache is likely to fix the problem for you. (If you need instructions, please tell us which web browser you use).
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I'm using Google on a mobile phone
(I'm assuming that you're using an Android phone):

See here:;co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid

Far better though, download and install the GMX app. (It's how I access my GMX account on my Android phone):
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Back in now. Thanks Buenchico

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Can't Get Into My Gmx Account.

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