Advice On Extra Usb Hub/Wattages For My Desktop

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Want-to-know | 18:31 Sat 28th Aug 2021 | Technology
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I want to purchase a USB hub with 4 USB 3.0 ports as my Lenovo Desktop computer (Windows 10) which is plugged in to an electrical socket does not have enough ports. When looking online, I see that some adaptors come with either 5 or 15 watts. However, I do not know anything about wattage and volts!

I have read that it is better to have an adaptor with the USB hub, so the desktop battery does not get drained. However, I do not know if I need a 5 w or a 15 w power supply adaptor or to find out on my computer what would be compatible. I want the extra ports so besides using a mouse and keyboard, I can use a desk fan, printer, scanner, an external hard drive and computer stick, etc. without having to take one cable out of my computer to be able to use another. I do not have other equipment, such as a mobile, that needs charging.

I just do not know which adaptor would be the right one/compatible and find the information I see on Amazon UK most confusing. I like the idea of turning off a port if I do not need it, but I do not know what would be best for supply adaptor to buy with the USB hub.

Any advice or help would be most appreciated. Please write in simple terms, as I am a pensioner and not a computer geek or an electrical genius. Thank you.


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Of the USB devices you want to plug in/power, the only ones requiring more than a nominal power draw are the fan, external hard drive and charging a mobile device (or similar).

If you want fast charging, then go for a 15W power source, otherwise 5W should suffice.

This device looks reasonable from an ebay seller, but it only comes with a 5W supply.
Here’s one with a power adapter and 15w which belt and braces the job. It’s on offer at Amazon. User Recommendation

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Advice On Extra Usb Hub/Wattages For My Desktop

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