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jennyjoan | 09:43 Thu 05th Aug 2021 | Technology
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New printer as of yesterday. Nephew installed but between installing the TV and printer - we didn't get a chance to print.

Anyway I am trying to print my Argos receipt but when page comes out it is the "test" page.

Anybody know what I can do. Thanks


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have you gone to the receipt itself - I'm assuming you've got it on your computer somewhere - and clicked "print" on that?

I'm answering this question because it seems to be the only one on Latest Posts that doesn't involve religion!
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yes Jno - yes as you say it gives you an option to print the receipt and I did it before on my old printer but am wasting paper and ink with the test page coming out. I'm doing something wrong.
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I typed a sentence on a page - control p and away it come out
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the sentence
when you do click print, does it tell you what computer you're printing on?
Are you sure you have selected print for the invoice? You could switch the printer off, wait and switch on again
What are you trying to print? Is it an email, web page, PDF or something else?
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well just want to thank you for the posts.

I tried again and guess what (it was easy done or not done) but the printer was still set up as the old one Epsom. I changed it to Canon and receipts have printed out.

teething problems and all that. thanks again.

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