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andy-hughes | 11:33 Tue 03rd Aug 2021 | Technology
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I want to put some text into a PowerPoint slide, and then expand it so that it fills the slide - can anyone assist please?


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Are you pasting it in as a picture or as text in word.
Just make a small text box, add the text and then drag the box bigger. Or change the font size
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Thanks Bob, how do I make a text box please?

When I click on a blank slide, I get a 'Click To Add Title' Box and a 'Click To Add Subtitle Box - obviously I want one blank box i can place my text in, and then enlarge it.
you could always fill out the empty space with pictures of Diana Rigg and Marianne Faithfull?
Text box can be found under 'insert'.
This video gives tips on avoiding "death by PowerPoint".

It doesn't tell you how to create the effects but I have often found the answers on YouTube.

You might need to Google what you want to do to find out what the action is called and then search for it on YouTube in order to do it.

Even if you don't want to be too fancy, some of the tips in the video should be of help.

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