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johnk | 06:39 Tue 03rd Aug 2021 | Technology
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Are there any other servers apart from Explorer and Firefox that I can use on a laptop?


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Did you mean browser's?
You can't beat Chrome
Question Author
Probably meant Browser, I'm not tech savvy.
How do I get Chrome?
google how to download Chrome, then it tells you how to do it,
do you have Windows 10?
Johnk click on my link below and you should follow the format, its easy, even i could do it... lol
Question Author
Try later, got my Grandson at the moment, no peace for the wicked!!!
Thanks everyone
The current issue of Computer Active has its main article written about why people shouldn't be using Chrome or Edge. (See below for more detail). However Chrome is by far the most popular browser in the world, so it probably deserves a place on everyone's computer anyway (even if it's not used on a regular basis):

Absolutely nobody should be using Internet Explorer these days. Microsoft no longer supports it, so using it can present security risks. Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge but then, confusingly, brought out a newer (and different) version of Edge to replace the original one. So, if you want to use Microsoft's own browser (even though it doesn't have a large number of fans), make sure that you've downloaded the fully up-to-date one:

Returning to that Computer Active article, they suggest using Opera
Brave (link above)
or Vivaldi:

I used Firefox for many years (and, indeed, I still use it for certain specific purposes) but I now feel it's a little dated.

I've only had limited experience with Opera, Brave and Vivaldi. They're all decent enough browsers but not good enough to be my first choice browser these days, which is Slimjet. (Annoyingly, Slimjet doesn't even get a mention in the Computer Active article):

Slimjet is based upon the same 'developer level' browser (Chromium) that many other browsers are (including both Chrome and the newer version of Edge) but it doesn't try to tie you to the services of either Microsoft or Google. It comes with a built-in ad blocker (which you can disable for specific sites, such as this one), ensuring that pages load incredibly quickly. It's also got lots of other useful tools, such a built-in facility for downloading and saving YouTube videos. I love it!

If you decide to give Slimjet a try, my post here explains how to tweak it to meet your individual preferences:

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