Amazon - Can Track Package But Not Driver!

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moggie 939 | 11:22 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | Technology
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Have used Amazon for years and when I tack a package it says ' deliver by 9pm' and later in the day it fives a time slot but...........

A friend tells me he can actually view a map which gives driver's last 10 stops!

How do I get this - or is it because he is on Prime and I am not




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I used to see that map but I don't any more. I know not why.
i get that useful map when i'm on a prime free trial

your e-mail from amazon will have "track your package "on it, click it put your track number on it it will or should show you where the van is and how many drops he has before yours. Always works well for me
I get it...on my phone. I have the Amazon app, so I'm guessing that's what you need. I also have Prime.
I'll get a time slot first...usually around 10 am when they load their vans.
I get it from one Courier - don't remember which one, but I don't get it from Amazon's own delivery (and I don't have Prime).
I get it on my phone, tablet and pc.
I have Prime, and get it randomly. I can never work out if it's down to the seller, or driver updates.
I thought the map appeared when it was Amazon that was the supplier but not when it was a third party supplier
Anything I buy from (or fulfilled by) Amazon always is delivered to me by Amazon Logistics with full tracking and delivery map from about 10-15 stops away...I am a Prime user.

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Amazon - Can Track Package But Not Driver!

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