Bypassing Pin Of A Samsung Galaxy A6 Phone

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pantonsteve | 19:27 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Technology
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hi - i've been given a samsung galaxy a6 phone by a work collegue with a pin lock on and he can't remember the pin . i've googled how to bypass this and there's videos and tutorials on you tube which i've attempted to do but still nothing seems to be happening . the main gist of the videos is to hold all 3 buttons down simultaneously but still nothing . does anybody else have any suggestions apart from take to mobile phone shop


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Have you tried this way of doing things?

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hi thanks for this - tried it but still nothing
Where does that go wrong?

Long-pressing the volume-down and power buttons together should force the phone to reboot and then immediately long-pressing both the volume-up and power buttons together should get you into the administrator screen.

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Bypassing Pin Of A Samsung Galaxy A6 Phone

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