Problem With One Of My Handsets.

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Barsel | 12:29 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Technology
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I have 4 handsets in 4 different rooms.
One of them isn't ringing when someone phones me and all it says on the display is searching.
It's definitely plugged in and is never left off the charger .The signal is flashing and there's a little strange arrow pointing upwards that's also flashing.
Any idea what the problem is please?


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Might need a new battery or re configuring with the base
Searching implies that it can't find the base station. Try following the pairing instructions. Of course, it's possible that the base station is too far away.
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calmck I put one of the other handsets on the base and it's fine, so the problem must be with the handset.
I can't see on the handset where you would put in batteries.
How do you configure with the base?
Make and model?

It could be as simple as placing the handset in the base unit.
batteries go in the back and have to be rechargeable too
if your system is old most likely all the batteries in all the handsets will be in poor condition, replace all. RECHARGABLE ONLY
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Tuvok I never leave any of the handsets off their base ,so they are always fully charged.
The make and model are BT 3570 Quad.
I can't see a battery compartment on the back of the handsets.
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I've got the back of the handset and there are 2 rechargeable batteries in there. Can I re-charge them or do I need to replace them?
You can recharge them but the fact they've died suggests it wouldn't last long.

Get some new (fully charged) ones.
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Canary, just charging the ones I took to see if that's the problem.
If it works after doing this, I'll replace with new.
Couldn't figure where the battues go as I was looking for a battery compartment, but you have to yank the back of the handset off altogether.

See page 55 for registering a phone with the base unit.

The base unit is the one that is connected to the phone socket - the others are charger units.
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The batteries have finished charging and I've put them back in the phone.
Are you saying I need to put that phone on the base unit now?
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Sorry I have to go now, will pop back later.
No harm in trying, but also look at the manual - you may need to de-register then re-register it.

Some phones all you have to do is place it in the base unit.
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Thanks Tuvok. I remember now when I bought these phones that one of my neighbours who understands these things, set the phones up for me, so I have no idea how to register/unregister.
I'll put the phone in the base unit overnight and see what it's doing tomorrow. If it still doesn't work, I'll probably call the BT helpline.
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I charged the batteries that are in the phone and left it on the base unit for 16 hours but nothing has changed.
Re configuring with the base, how do I do that and is it something you have to do every time you change the batteries?
if tuvok's method from the instructions didnt work for registering, you may have to abandon it
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bednobs, I'll have another look at that and see if I understand it. Seems strange that the other three handsets are fine.
it does seem odd. My furthest away wifi camera sometimes misses its mummy (the router) and stops working, but will just as randomly start working again later. I had thought the bringing it close to its mum might have worked for you
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I've just emailed the neighbour who set them up for me and he said, 'what have I always told you to do if something doesn't work?
Turn it off wait awhile and turn it on again.'
I didn't even know how to turn it off, but I held down the red button and it went off!
Waited awhile pressed the red button again and hey presto it's now working.
It needs charging but it's not searching for it's Mummy anymore. :-)

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Problem With One Of My Handsets.

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