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chokkie | 20:53 Fri 09th Jul 2021 | Technology
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Hi AB techie peeps .... we've just treated ourselves to an Amazon Echo Dot (the one with the clock) and I also purchased a stand for the Dot, so it is stable on our kitchen worktop. The stand came separately, and having set it all up and placed it on the stand, I've just found two metallic discs in the stand's box, both discs have got a peel-off "label" on one side, and it's sticky underneath. Does anyone know what these two discs are for, please. Cheers, Chox.


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Found this in the Q&A on Amazon's website

What are the two discs provided with it?
They stick to the echo dot's underside and work as a magnet
...and in the reviews: "It fixes by an adhesive magnetic plate attached to the echo dot."
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many thanks both, it hadn't occurred to me, for one minute, that those discs might be magnetic. Cheers for the help, Chox.

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Amazon Echo Dot Query

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